Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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STATIONS OF THE CROSS: An intimate walk with Jesus as we open our hearts to Him and listen.


His agony was such He sweated blood in the Garden; Judas betrayed Him; the Disciples fled and abandoned Him; Peter denied Him; the witnesses lied; Pilate condemned Him. [St. Matthew 26:36-27:26; St. Mark 14:32-15:15; St. Luke 22:39-23:25; St. John 18:1-19:16]

When I was a boy all seemed so simple, clear. To be a priest meant a life of service, but also a life of acceptance.

Now, it seems, to be a priest in this climate of suspicion caused by the horrific sins of a few, is to live with fear.

I thought, Jesus, things would be different!

I entered into My passion and suffered so all priests, especially in these days would be strengthened to be one with Me in the fullness of Priesthood, which means, in My person to be both oblation and the one who offers.

I suffered because I love you and so that in every moment when you feel overwhelmed with fear or grief, when you feel alone, betrayed, rejected, lied about, condemned or simply are wondering about who you are, about life, about Me – well I am with you in the depths of your heart, in every moment of your life so, in truth, even if you feel unloved or alone, I love you and am with you.

To love me is to love everyone, especially the lonely, the unpopular, to actively be My listening heart, My outstretched hand for them.

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