Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well the brief meeting was held with the bishop today after a second summons, in which I was told no need to bring a canonical advocate, but I could bring a priest friend.

The moment he and I walked into the bishop’s office I knew something was afoot because the bishop had the top canonist in the diocese at his side.

The bishop said a complaint, dating back 6 years, has been made about confession and he must report it to Rome.

I point out I was suspended more than six years ago, do not hear confessions, do no participate in parishes, do not do spiritual direction.

Apparently that is irrelevant.

So I ask when, where, who, what?

The reply from the bishop was he can’t tell me, he simply has to send everything to Rome and they will decide.

So much for due process.

I left.

This is the way priests are treated today: accusations are accepted at face value and everything goes to Rome and the priest, denied fundamental justice rights such as who has accused him of what, when and where is denied this information.

Is this is now what the bishops consider the way of shepherds, of being fathers to their priests.

Rather hard to love the Church, to have faith after such an afternoon – pray I do not lose my faith.

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Adoro said...

Dear Father, I was praying for you today.

Indeed, this is all just wrong. Was this complaint JUST made, or did they delay 6 years in telling you?

If the latter; it's not very credible and probably won't come to anything. However, if the complaint was just made, the Bishop has the canonical obligation to send to Rome about it. You should know the details of it, though, for you would still have the right to address the situation. It is not a reasonable investigation if you have no right to answer as to the details and date of the alleged occurrance.

Granted, I don't know enough about Canon Law, but I do have a basic grasp of logic, am familiar enough with it to know that Reason is an important part, and our own American system is even more merciful than that.

Will continue to pray.