Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It has been done before in New York, London, Spain, Ottawa, this evil you the haters claim to be doing in the name of, fulfilling the will of, God and in the name of a religion whose faithful adherents reject you.

The greater rejection is the very God whose name you blaspheme by your words and actions wants nothing to do with you, He rejects you, and for a Father to reject His child means that child has closed their hearts to love, mercy and truth.

You have always failed, will always fail.

Yes you kill and maim but you have not and will never win.

You seek to instill fear.

Look around you!

Our reaction is to become more loving, caring, tolerant, forgiving, FREE, bolder and courageous.

You move us to prayer, we who, unlike you, do indeed know God our Father and His holy will.

True, we may fail, often, to be as holy as He asks us to be, but so utterly confident are we in His merciful love we can always repent, and do, try again, and do.

You will always fail because He asks of every human being to love our enemies, to do good to those who persecute us, and we do love and we do forgive, but our love and forgiveness also gives us that strength to fight, and we are mighty warriors through our military, and you will loose.

Love is stronger than death and hate, for love is life and truth.

We Christians allow that Christians worship in various ways in different denominations, and that’s okay, we love one another, respect each other.

You, so filled with hate, so filled with darkness, are blind to the dignity and beauty of all other human beings because you have chosen to hand your souls over to the prince of darkness, the blinder of souls.

You claim to be on a mission to impose – yes impose for your greater fear is the God-given freedom of human beings – yes impose what you claim is His law, but His law is that we love and care for one another.

It is satan’s kingdom of hate and death and no other you are imposing.

You do not know, nor us, nor your very selves.

If you knew you are human you would know Him and would drop your weapons, forego your hate, rush to Bethlehem, and adore Him who comes among us as a baby, a child, as every human being starts life – for He is truly God and truly one of us, Prince of Peace, the all-merciful.

He would smile upon you, forgive you, ask you to become lovers and agents of peace.

We know Him and His love, which is why you can never overcome us for we are His.

We see Him and love Him in every other human being. He comes disguised sometimes as a prostitute or homeless person, as a Jew or Buddhist,  as male or female, elderly or young, hungry or thirsty and every way we welcome another human being and care for them we are touching and being touched by Him, disguised as He may be.

Thus we cannot, will not ever hate you: so when you claim we do once more you are deluded and liars.

Give it up. Your hatred is pointless and is dragging you into hell.

We will pray He be merciful to you and likely this will anger you too.

Nothing is sadder than seeing human beings choosing to be forever wandering the endless deserts of hatred and darkness.

Come, meet the Holy Child, let Him love you, let His radiant light free you from eternal darkness.