Thursday, May 31, 2018



Originating in the heart of the Trinity,

Mystery of being chosen for

Gift of breath of life.

Mystery of being – in image and likeness of God,

Gift of life as person and mystery-gift of faith,

Illumination of Baptism, Confirmation – first

Gifts of sacred chrism.

Gift of innumerable occasions for Sacrament

Of Reconciliation – mystery of Divine Mercy.

Gift of First and innumerable Holy Communions,

Mystery of Oneness with Jesus.

Years of dark atheism and travels,

Mystery of encounter at Her shrine,

With Our Lady of Guadalupe

Gift of being brought by Her back to

Grace-mystery of faith.

Standing with head against the heart

Of Our Lady of Combermere,

Gift of Her asking Her Son to choose.

Mysteries of studies, gift of formation,

Suddenness of the day when asked if

Present, if prepared, answering the Bishop,

As heart pounds: “I am!”

Gift of ascent to ordination by bishop and

The people,

Gift of self through vow of obedience to

The Trinity, the Church, through the Bishop

Become thus Priest-Servant of every human being.

Gift of Holy Spirit’s fire in the silence

Of laying on of hands,

Vesting with stole and chasuble,

Mystery of anointing with Sacred Chrism,

Gifts of Bread and Wine given,

Stepping up to altar with bishop,

Fellow Ordinands assembled priests,

Now of the sacred-mystery of priestly


Three decades hence – gift of memory,

Gift and mystery of daily being.

Gift of mystery of as yet a mere

Beginner priest.

© Fr. Arthur Joseph

May 31, 2018

33rd anniversary of the Gift and Mystery

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