Saturday, October 27, 2012


I have never, as best I recall, written here before for or against any particular party or candidate in any election in any country, until today. However now I cannot be silent because I see more and more an American electorate, if the polls are to be believed and abortion is the prime concern of the alleged majority of American women, heading to the polling stations wading through a river of blood. The incumbent candidate ever since the last televised debate bellows repeatedly about not ‘allowing men in Washington to have control over women’s health’: code for if you don’t vote for me you’ll find it difficult to obtain an abortion. However the challenger is a typically disconnected so-called pro-life person, given the list of exceptions under which abortion would continue. One wonders what has happened to a nation once so proud and self-confident, once so deeply faithful to its Christian roots and heritage, once truly a conglomerate of strong individual families forming the American family. During the four years of the tenure of the current American President several nations have had general elections, among them France and Canada. In the vast majority of countries which have democratic elections the prime issues are life issues: employment, housing, easing the tax burden on families. Daily we are faced with an American election increasingly being fought over assuring the continued slaughter of defenceless pre-born children. Yes I will name him: President Obama, who likes to repeat the first moral duty of the president, is to see to the security of the American people. Translation: of some American people, the ones already born. It is true for every nation that the prime responsibility of the state is the protection of its citizens – most Western democracies fail to protect the most vulnerable citizens, those still in the womb and several through legalizing, or moving towards legalizing, euthanasia/so-called assisted suicide, are starting to fail to protect those made vulnerable by illness or old age. Barely ten days remain before the American people elect a president. How urgently we must pray for a radical conversion and how I weep that a once great nation has come to this, wading through a river of blood on the way to vote.

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