Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Today with the birth of Our Blessed Mother, within the entire graced reality of creation, of salvation history, an immense portal of light and hope has opened!

So O Holy Mother, how do we thank-you for your FIAT, for your love, your protection?

The ways are countless, even should we try and count them, for to love you is to heed your word spoken to us at Cana when you pointed to Jesus and urged us to have intimate confidence in Him and to live and be all He asks.

So indeed we love you to the ultimate “..depth and breadth and height..” our souls may reach and even when we may feel God is distant or nor human being on earth calls us by name, nonetheless even then we shall though “…feeling out of sight, for the ends of being and ideal grace…” we shall love you with our “..childhood’s faith”!

Indeed O Holy Mother Mary we shall love you with “..the breath, smiles, tears…” of our entire lives and, please that He should will it for all eternity we shall even “ you better after death.”

{see the sonnets of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sonnet 43 – also of note it does seems, thanks to the hard work of our Webmaster, that we can once again update: }

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