Tuesday, October 11, 2005


A few days ago an Ecumenical group in Canada, called KAIROS issued a pastoral letter urging Canadians to get behind a campaign to safeguard the nation’s water supply and noted as well both the assertion that in access of a billion of our brothers and sisters worldwide lack safe drinking water.

They then state that “Every 14 seconds, someone dies from diseases caused by contaminated water.”

There are, by the way, 31, 556, 926 seconds in a year. Divided by 14 it would mean about 2, 254, 066 of our brothers and sisters die from contaminated water causes yearly.

As horrible as that number is how come these same leading clergy and their constituents don’t calculate the number of our brothers and sisters, even by the most conservative estimates I assure you would prove to be a number tens of times higher than 2, 000, 000 plus, who never get to taste water of any kind because they are slaughtered in the womb before ever seeing the light of day.

It is all well and good, indeed critical, that Christians be aware and raise our voices about the issues which affect human life.

However it seems to me too many Christian leaders have the priority of issues backwards.

It is may be somewhat a rallying of the troops to cry out, as this group does: “Water: Life before Profit!”

I wonder why they never simply cry LIFE before profit.

Connect the dots guys!

So long as we are lacking in boldness in proclaiming unceasingly in the face of the culture of death the sacredness of every human life, from the womb to the tomb, profiteers will dominate all aspects of human existence.

It is the mentality which sees our brothers and sisters as disposable which opens the dark abyss gateway  to profiteering from what is a basic human right such as potable water.

Defend and protect the most vulnerable of human beings, our pre-born brothers and sisters first.

Or way beyond anything Rachel Carson every imagined the day will come of a complete and universal “silent spring.”

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