Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lets be saints!

As the Year of the Most Holy Eucharist has drawn to a close, Pope Benedict canonized new saints from Chile, Italy and Poland.

Pope Benedict in his homily reminded the entire world that  the Saint is the man, woman, child “ who is so fascinated by the beauty of God and by His perfect truth to be progressively transformed by it.”

Reading the lives of the new saints one’s heart is struck by their shared absolute love of and devotion to Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist and how this devotion was expressed in humble loving service of others.

In a world so marked by the bloodlust ego of terrorist, and all the other afflictions which especially wounded the lives and dignity of the poor we sure need more saints – and not just the ones who make it to canonization:  we need – you and I need to be – saints among us: in the rectory, the pews, the family home, the office, factory, legislatures, media, on the farms, fishing boats, within the military and the ranks of first responders, everywhere!

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