Monday, February 25, 2013


Jesus You know I have been drowning in confusion, frustration, wondering when this so painful period in the life of the Church will end.
It is a sense of drowning in a sea of powerlessness and pain as the world’s media attacks, attacks, attacks the Holy Father, the Church in these long days between Pope Benedict announcing his obedience to Your will and resigning.
I am old enough not to be surprised by my or anyone’s: pope, cardinal, bishop, priest, religious, man, woman, believer, non-believer, capacity for sin.
Such is the reality of life; such is the un-holiness all around.
I am old enough to have known, two of them already among the ranks of the blessed and soon to be canonized, real saints, real martyrs from those same ranks of human beings in various vocations.
There was a time, Jesus as You know, the news media, save for the editorials on the page set aside for such things, reported the news: verified, factual news.
Now we live in an era when repeatedly ‘breaking news’ is flashed around with biased editorializing. Often subsequently the initial report is proven deficient if not completely in error – yet the original almost instantaneously becomes imbedded in the minds of the majority of people as irrefutable fact.
Why Jesus have You allowed so much, to borrow from Pope Paul VI, of the smoke of satan to invade the Church, why do You allow via the media in particular, this war which is doing so much damage to the faith of ordinary people, this war of mockery and innuendo, this media war reducing the conclave to a political horserace?
Then too Jesus I don’t understand why You allow the relentless war in Syria with so much hatred, violence and death, why You allow abortion, abuse of the innocents, hunger, war and every other evil.
Have You no answer?
“My child I have given You an answer in the Parable of the Wheat and Weeds. Go and let it penetrate Your heart. Then go, live out My commandment of compassionate trust. I have already overcome all sin and death, all darkness and evil and I am with you, with the Church, with everyone.”
[cf. Mt. 13: 24-30; Lk.6:27-36]

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