Monday, February 13, 2012


Was heading out to get supplies for the hermitage when I noticed I had left the car unlocked.
Obviously some thief had noticed that too.
Only thing missing: a rosary!
Guess whomever it was felt an urgent need to pray!


kam said...

Excellent! Left open for a reason, I guess!

Adoro said...

When I worked in Insurance, as a Theft Investigator, I seemed always to have a claim where the person reporting the theft claimed a devotional item was stolen from them.

You wouldn't believe how many car thieves have a penchant for Bibles and other devotional books! LOL!

I still remember, clear as day, one of my customers telling me, "You're not going to believe this. I had a Bible on the front seat. When I saw my car at impound, most of my stuff was still there but my BIBLE was gone!"

They never could figure out why I'd laugh. I'd have to explain, "Honey, if they're stealing your car, they are more in need of your Bible than you are!"