Friday, November 26, 2010


In baseball, as we know, make it to third and you have a real chance of rounding the bases to home plate.

You can also start the journey with a base hit and make it to first, or stay steady and ball four will get you there too!

Third strike and you are out!

There are nine innings, a multiple of three.

Hockey has three periods.

Score three goals and you have, I am not sure why it is called this: a hit trick!

There are Three Divine Persons, yet one God.

A trinity of love!

Christ died at three in the afternoon.

Christ rose on the third day.

The right order of relationships is God: first.

My neighbour, which means every member of my family, everyone I know, every human being: second.

I am [should be, ought to be, if I weren’t, to be blunt, a needy person]: third!

Some months ago praying to the Sacred Heart I heard within me: “Accept what is offered with joy and gratitude and do not seek more.”

Frankly, I hate being third [especially when I am suffering anxiety or feeling vulnerable or just needing to have someone pay attention to my needs for a change!].

It’s crappy, lonely, unfair – emotionally that is, not in reality – for Christ is real and He embodies being third, always placing His Father, and us, His neighbours whom He calls His friends, second.

The Gospels are fully of examples of this, as, if I be honest, is my own life where Jesus is always present, even when, actually especially when, I don’t want to be bothered!

Being third: smacks way too much of His earthly loneliness, of the garden, the cross, yep His being alone in the tomb.

For the past few days I have been anticipating a nice evening at the hockey game.

A respite, from the stress of late, from the grief over Dominic’s death.

The person I was to go with, actually as a birthday gift to a REAL hockey fan, just cancelled.

I sure want to give into anger, frustration, – but – you see [1] there is that word from His Heart.

It is Friday.

There is that pesky right order of relationships. [2]

It is three in the afternoon.

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