Sunday, October 18, 2009


I truly believed when I posted the announcment last spring I was on the road to real recovery from a bout of despression and the resurgence of the post-traumatic-syndrome from which I have, and do suffer as a result of the false accusation.

It has been a long struggle since then, however as always Jesus is with us, for as Hebrews reminds us He is the one who has been first tested in all things by which we are tested[cf. Heb.4:14-16].

You will note a couple of changes here: First the image of Our Blessed Mother, known as Protection.
In this Year of the Priest, with the priesthood suffering so, more than ever we priests need Her protection.

Second the addition at the top of a quotation attributed to Pope Leo XIII which was sent to me by a suffering priest who found it on a web site:

With your prayerful help dear friends this is not merely a return but a new beginning.

Do pray for all priests.

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Unknown said...


I am a new Catholic and fellow depression/PTSD sufferer. We humans are fragile, but our God is big. Through medications and counseling, my depression and PTSD are under control. Jesus comes to us in the furnace of our afflictions and ministers to us. You will be in my prayers.

God Bless you.