Monday, September 17, 2007


Dear Friends,

The soup kitchen where I volunteer has closed for a few weeks both to give the Staff and Volunteers time for vacation and to do major annual building repairs/upgrades.

Having not taken a complete holiday in a couple of years, worn down by the constant struggle for truth and justice for myself and suffering brother priests who have been chartered, I will take these weeks not only for a rest, but for a pilgrimage - each of you will be carried throughout in my heart and prayer to a shrine of Our Lady where I am headed on pilgrimage, and where I shall be joined by priests from around the world for a retreat.

Each day I shall compose material for the blog and will put them here in sequence when I return.

Your prayer for myself, for all pilgrims, for all priests, especially those of us who will be on the retreat are humbly asked for and most appreciated.

God bless you and pray, as Pope Benedict reminds us I carry his words in my heart: " Making a pilgrimage means setting out in a particular direction, travelling towards a destination. This gives a beauty of its own even to the journey and to the effort involved."

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