Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thanks Bloggers!

Sometimes I neither post here nor write at all because my being simply needs deep silence and stillness, praying with Him and Our Blessed Mother for mercy amidst the immense suffering throughout the entire human family.

It is to try and be one with Christ in the desert, in the Garden, to fulfill a prime duty, a joy, of being a priest which is to pray for the salvation of souls, for the needs of every human being.

During such a period though I will go to favourite Blogs, as to an oasis in the desert and I do pray for each of you.

It has been a long spell this time, of not posting, but in that time I did pray for Mark on his retreat and look forward to reading his book when it is published.

Indeed in  so many ways is my heart blessed by what I ‘read’, or more accurately hear and learn from those who, answering the call of Pope John Paul the Great to use the internet to spread the Gospel, do so. is Julie’s and she always lightens my heart. shares wonderful food for meditation. shows great humility in her openness and thus always teaches. ah, these brother priests!
I truly treasure you in my heart.

For a human family of over 6 billion souls, and counting, we are less than a half million priests.

We do need your prayers to be good, holy, faithful servants, and for all families to encourage their sons to open wide their hearts.  Christ is calling many who simply need to be encouraged and they will say yes with generosity, courage and joy.

John and Lucille!
with their excellent teaching reveal true sacramental love, the splendour of the holy vocation of marriage, the beauty and sacrifice of family life and inspire myself, and I am sure countless other priests, to be true servants of life and family.

I’ll write later today about what is on my heart but wanted here to thank each and everyone of you for the blessing of your Blog.


~pen~ said...

Fr. Joseph, you know you bless me to no end -- we should all be putting posts on our blog about you!

(i am personally happy to see you here, please don't be away quite so long....)

Julie D. said...

I am honored to be among such company and a chosen of yours ... because, as m2 says, your blog blesses me no end.

Thanks! :-)

Penitens said...

Non sum dignus.

Thank YOU for your ministry.