Sunday, December 11, 2005

Knights and Light

There is a tradition in one of the major parks of this city to celebrate Christmas, and raise food for the hungry, with a massive display of lights, showing various winter sports, mythical figures from children’s stories, Santa Claus to be sure, but, thanks to the Knights of Columbus, one of the largest displays is the Nativity scene.

Visitors drive the full circumference of the park with the brilliant displays on either side of the roadway – entering by making donations food for the local Food Bank and paying a modest fee which goes to charity.

My family took me this evening and first I was struck by the huge amount of food being donated and then, of course, by the countless and varied displays of light.

It is no small thing for the Knights of Columbus to fund such a large Nativity scene but it places Christ at the centre of the brilliance and is a powerful witness to the truth of Christmas and who truly brightens our lives.

In a part of the world where, at this time of year, the sun goes down by about 4pm such brilliance in the dark of winter is a blessing.

Thank- you dear Knights of Columbus for all your hard work both in this city and in so many ways and places where you defend and support priests, the family, the unborn, and bring Christ back into Christmas.

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