Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Just a few thoughts this evening to begin the reflections on why this blog is called Fire, Salt and Light!

After the long penitential and conversion anew period of Lent, which in the Northern Hemisphere usually occurs in the dark depths of winter, during the night of the Easter Vigil a new fire is lit and from this fire a flame is taken to light the Paschal Candle.

Since time immeorial fire - which its essentially a constantly dancing flame radiating heat and light - has been both a practical necessity and a powerful symbol.

We all know the obvious benefits of fire to halt the darkness in its relentless attempt to engulf the living with its shadows in which predators lurk, its cold which can steal life's breath, solidify the blood, or be the scent of hate; fire can also give light to read by - or celebrate the Divine Liturgy in its life-giving fullness with the beauty of candles, - but fire can also destroy - or purify raw ore into shimmering gold - as with so much within creation it often depends on the choice humans make.

The blessed new fire of the Easter Vigil symbolizes the Risen Christ who has shattered the darkness of sin, death, fear and the Pashcal likewise symbolizes Christ - the Living Fire of Divine Mercy who abides with us and within us.

Jesus tells how He has come to set us ablaze with this divine fire {Lk.12:49} and in particular are we set ablaze when we are Baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire {Mt.3:11} so that if we then throughout our lives walk with Christ we too we experience, more and more intensely the more faithful to Christ we are the burning of our hearts within us {Lk.24:32}!

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